Paid Search Management

Planning & management

Machine learning algorithms, audience targeting and attribution are now the reality when managing paid search campaigns. Find out how we use these features to enhance our keyword targeting, ad copy testing and bid strategies. Everything we do is designed to help you achieve better results for your marketing budget.

Effective ad copy

We develop our ad copy both creatively and systematically. We know that PPC is still advertising, but we also make sure we are always testing, analyzing, and refining this element of your user journey.

Bid & Budget Management

We use a combination of technology and talent to win in PPC auctions. We support our bid strategies with Google’s DoubleClick Search, which allows us to take advantage of the range and flexibility of bid strategies and deep integration with other Google products.

Maximize Your ROI

We combine PPC advertising campaigns with landing page testing to maximize conversion rate and continually improve your Return On Ad Spend (ROAS). Our proven PPC campaign optimization methodology combines human expertise, creative marketing, ongoing testing, and automation.


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